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More for those reluctant boy readers

January 31, 2012

So, they’ve read “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid”. They’ve read the “Tom Gates” books. Perhaps you’re gaining a bit of momentum with your “slightly keen” reader. So what next? The  new kid on the block joining these other hapless heroes is  “Big Nate”.  Although they have only just come out in book format, Big Nate stories  were the original inspiration for the “Wimpy Kid ” books, when they were previously published as a newspaper comic strip.

The books are a combination of simple text and comic strips and seem to be very popular with boys, particularly in Years 5 and 6. Some of you reading this may be worried that all these books are just too simple. But if we’re encouraging them to love books, does it really matter? At least they’re not saying “I hate books”, which often seems to be the case with the “less keen” reader. So, back to “Big Nate” He believes he’s destined for greatness (a fortune cookie told him so). He’s the original rebel without a clue who muddles his way through life battling over zealous teachers, mediocre school lunches and trying not to conform. Huge fun! Why not buy them one and get them on the first rung of the ” loving reading” ladder.

These books are at sapphire reading level.