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New reading levels on all our children’s books

January 11, 2012

Have you seen our new initiative to give every book on our site a reading level?

In this digital age in which we tend to shop on line a lot, and therefore don’t always have a book in our hand when we are considering a purchase, it is often difficult to work out whether a child will actually be able to read the book when it arrives.Admittedly, Amazon and others now have a “Look Inside” facility, but the idea of our new grading system is  that you will first be able to assess what level your child is reading at (eg Ruby) and then choose books from that category up until the time when they’re reading them too quickly (and it’s costing you an arm and a leg in books) at which point it’s time to move onto the next level.

Check it out on our “Reading Levels” page at  .

We haven’t categorised all our books yet, so please email us if you’d like details of the reading level of a specific book. or talk to us on Twitter @hummibooks or Facebook/HummingbirdBooks.