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Holiday reading for children aged 9-11.

February 7, 2012

We’ll start with the avid readers who never seem to be able to find enough reading material. If you have 9, 10 or 11 year olds who like Greek Mythology and have read the Percy Jackson books, another series which is absolutely brilliant is  The Fire Thief Trilogy by Terry Deary.Both these series are at Amber reading level.

The Tom Gates books are still proving hugely successful with the more reluctant readers and with the next one in the series due out on the 1st March, they’ve just got time to read the first two in the series before it comes out.

Something probably more suited to the girls are the Molly Moon books. Plenty of reading for the keen reader, also at Amber reading level. If they prefer something a bit easier to read then the Clarice Bean books are hilarious and are at Sapphire reading level with quite a large font, which is perhaps more appealing if they’re not big readers.

You will find lots more suggestions on our website where, when you have made your selection, you can click on the Amazon button for further details, and to buy if you wish. We partner with Amazon, knowing that they offer excellent value for money on books and rarely charge any postage.*

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Just time to order some books for the half term holidays….

February 3, 2012

Hoping for just a little peace during half term? If you buy them some books from our great book selection, all of which are recommended by children, you might even have time for a quiet coffe and a natter with a friend while the children are off …and if it snows, what better way to warm up after an afternoon’s sledging than with a woolly jumper and a great book.

So here are a few of the highlights from our site. Remember, that when you buy from us you have the advantage that we make great recommendations and then you click through to Amazon for great prices.and rarely any postage.

For the little ones, a great new discovery for us is  “Lost and Found”. An enchanting story of the friendship between a penguin and a little boy. Just look at the reviews on Amazon for this book!

For 6-8 year olds who are fairly confident readers, but who like a book with lots of pictures, “Dinosaur Cove” is a great series.It is particularly good for readers who have only read factual books up until now. If you are now trying to get them to read a bit of fiction, these books are definitely the way to go.Great stories – with dinosaurs.The reading level of these books is Amethyst.For little girls who love fluffy kittens and playful pups you can’t beat Holly Webb’s delightful books. Also at  Amethyst reading level, these are the type of book that they just have to keep reading and reading to find out what happens at the end.

If your 6, 7 or 8 year old is only just starting out with reading alone, Ricky Ricotta is a great favourite. As well as a great story these books have “Flip-o-rama” pages to make a moving story and instructions for drawing Ricky and all his friends. These books are at Emerald reading level.

If you haven’t got into the Rainbow Magic stories yet, and you have a little girl, these stories are easy to read and just brilliant for girls.They are at Ruby reading level. All the Rainbow Magic books that we feature are the 3 books in one versions, but if you would prefer a thinner book with just one story in, click through to Amazon here.

In Monday’s blog we’ll be featuring some book suggestions for 9-11 year olds.

Summer Reading for 6-8 year olds

July 12, 2010

Summer holidays are just around the corner and I thought you may be interested in one or two ideas for summer holiday reading.

Several of the girls in Class 3 (a mixed age class from 6-9 years), who I work with once a week, have been loving “ The Naughtiest Girl in The School” series by Enid Blyton. The good readers can read it for themselves, while the slightly less confident ones enjoy having it read to them. Meanwhile, for those lovers of fairies, mermaids and similar stories, Mermaid Magic by Gwyneth Rees is an ever popular choice. In fact, there often seems to be a fight between the 8 year olds as to who can borrow this book next.

Some great fun books for the younger end of this age group are the Ricky Ricotta books, which feature lots of “How to draw Ricky and Friends” as well as a simple story and great illustrations.

The boys at this age seem to need a bit more effort put in, to persuade them that reading is fun. Many still enjoy the non-fiction books about dinosaurs, aeroplanes etc and switching them across to non fiction can be quite a challenge. The Dinosaur Cove series are especially good from this viewpoint as they have the theme of dinosaurs (along with some great illustrations), but put into a story. They are suitable for newly confident readers who are no longer on a school reading scheme.For keen football players, the Tom Palmer books are all about football , but again in a story setting.

I have tried, but sadly in vain, to get one super-intelligent boy, aged 8, onto fiction books, but he insists on staying with his aeroplane books. They have to be about modern planes eg Airbus 380 and need to describe the workings of the plane. When I asked him why these were his favourites he said that if he were ever on a flight and the pilot was unable to continue flying the plane for some reason, he could save all the passengers on board. I guess popular fiction will have to wait!

There is another youngster with a fascination of aircraft in this class too, this time because his mother works for one of the big airlines. “What does your Mum do?” I innocently asked. “Is she cabin crew or a pilot?”  “Well, came the answer, she does pilot sometimes, but she’s not very good at it, so mostly she’s cabin crew. So, for all those fascinated still with facts be it aircraft or sport, The Guiness World of Records, is often very well received.

For those who have made that leap to fiction, check out our site, Hummingbird Books, where all our books have been recommended by children themselves as “brilliant”, “amazing” or just “really, really good”.

Summer Holidays are on the way

July 8, 2010

Ok, so you’re either breathing a huge sigh of relief that the children are nearly on holiday, or you’re thinking how are we going to fill 6 weeks or more?

Although the weather will hopefully be good and you won’t be in that much, it might be a good idea to have a stock of books for those “gaps before tea” or for winding down time before bed. If the weather is not so great, then a few really good reads can certainly help. I am dedicating my Thursday blog to 9-12 year olds. If you’d like some ideas for your 6-8s, then keep your eyes peeled next Monday July 12th.

My first suggestion is The Ranger’s Apprentice series. Not as commonly found in schools, as the Percy Jackson books, but according to the children, just as good.

If your children enjoyed Percy Jackson, they must try Terry Deary’s  The Fire Thief series, also based on Greek Mythology.

On our website, Hummingbird Books, we try to always list the correct order that books in a series are written, but there is a very helpful website that lists all the main series, which I keep in my favourites. Children at school are always asking” Which is the second book in the……. series?” You can find that website here.

A very powerful book from Julia Golding , Ringmaster,  is probably better suited to the older end of this age range.It has a central character who is a girl, which makes a for a change for a spy book,buit it is enjoyed equally by boys and girls. My son loved this book when he was 11.For the younger end, The Talent Thief is always amazingly popular, although its sequel, is not as popular with the children I talk to.

And finally, a heart warming book that a Year 5 girl first pointed out to me by Elizabeth Laird is Red Sky in The Morning, about a 12 year old girl coming to terms with the birth of her disabled brother.

You can find all these books at our website here. We finance our site and blog through being an Amazon affiliate, so if you wish to buy any books, you’ll have the advantage of their great prices and rarely any postage.Enjoy a peaceful holiday!