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Get London Reading.

November 21, 2011

There can be nothing more valuable than having one to one help with your reading. My own experience of working with individual children is that they not only benefit from the specific help you are able to give, but also that they thrive and feel nurtured when they have a grown up all to themselves, something that it is difficult for the class teacher to replicate when they have 29 other children to teach.

The London Evening Standard campaign which aims to”Get London Reading” has already trained hundreds of volunteers to work with children on a one-to-one basis in an attempt to make a difference to the one in four of the capital’s children who are not reaching the  required level by the time they are 11. This worthwhile project even had Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, getting a little boy reading who had previously shown no interest in books at all. Was this because she was royal? Well maybe, but perhaps we shouldn’t underestimate a kindly, grandmotherly  lady who was prepared to sit and listen while he read to her.

The local primary school near us relies so much on their parent helpers to sit with the children one to one and yet the numbers are dwindling-everyone’s so busy and really doesn’t want to commit to a whole morning every week. I would say that if you can only spare half an hour once a week when you drop them off, it could make such a difference to our children and their reading. I’m sure you would be welcomed with open arms by Y3,Y4 and Y5 teachers. In fact, if most parents in a class offered to stay for half an hour once a month, that would make a tremendous difference too.

Let’s Get Britain Reading!!

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