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Buy them the Faraway Tree Stories for Christmas – children aged between 5 and 8 love them.

December 6, 2012

Enid Blyton has gone in and out of fashion for many years now, but the Faraway Tree stories never fail to delight with their mix of magic, adventure and humour.

61vCDnWbLNL__SL160_The first in the series is “The Enchanted Wood” which tells the story of three children who climb up a magic tree in a nearby wood and discover that all sorts of exciting things happen there. They meet Moon-Face who has a funny round face just like a moon, Silky the fairy and the incorrigible Saucepan Man who is very deaf and always mishears what the children say!

Even better are the strange and curious lands that they discover at the top of the tree-Rocking Land where everyone rolls around the whole time and where they have lots of cushions to protect you from bumps and bruises and the amazing Land of Birthdays where you sit at the birthday tea table and simply wish for whatever you want to eat.

These books would make any child a perfect Christmas gift, either to read to themselves if they are good readers (these books are at Sapphire level) or to have read to them (I remember my own son begging to have “just another chapter” whenever we read these lovely bedtime stories). Follow the link to buy “The Enchanted Wood” which is the first in the series. You can also buy 3 Faraway Tree stories in a boxed set.

If they’ve already read The Faraway Tree stories, The Wishing Chair series is another lovely choice.