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Finding books for your avid reader

April 5, 2011

As regular followers will know, I originally set up Hummingbird Books because, as the mother of an avid reader (then aged 9) , I found it hard to find sufficient titles to keep him going. We were fine when he had a series on the go, but once he’d completed that series, it was always a question of what next?

I thought it might be useful to explain how I found an infinite number of books for him (well thousands anyway) , to try and give you a few ideas for shortcuts in case you find yourself in the same position. Obviously you may wish to start by using the listed books on our site, all of which have been recommended by children as being really good ones. I felt it was important to only list books that children had given 4 and 5* ratings to. Reading a mediocre book at this stage, could well put a child off reading altogether.

I then “Googled” suggested reading / good books for 9 year olds etc. This uncovered a few valuable sites including  Cool Reads which was set up by two boys a number of years ago. The site has lots of reviews and hundreds of books all categorised into genres. I simply wrote down the titles of all the 5* books , checked that the reviews were also good on Amazon and then ordered the books for my son, usually through the library( in order to keep the costs down). Other useful sites included Love reading for kids but I always checked the reviews on Amazon before going ahead with a book, mainly because they sell so many and I have generally found their reviews to be pretty accurate. One of the things I always do is to avoid reviews that have been written by adults. I find that adults often give  a book that they enjoyed 30 years ago an amazing write up, but that it may not suit their child who has been born into a different generation.

I also made extensive use of this site to find out the order of books in a series. I’m not sure whether it is still regularly updated, but I have found that most major series are listed.

With regard to library ordering, many local libraries have a system of on line ordering where you simply put in the book title or ISBN number and then reserve the book. You may also have the choice at this point of ordering the book in other formats such as large print or with a CD ( as an audio book) . It usually doesn’t cost anything to reserve books in this way and I must have saved hundreds of pounds over the last few years, ordering the books I knew my son would really enjoy rather than relying on himto choose books from the rather limited selection on the shelves of our tiny rural library.

Happy Book Hunting!!