Would you like to give your child help with their reading?

As regular readers of this blog will know, my main aim in all the teaching I do, is to get children reading well. Literacy underpins everything your child does at school – from being able to read the questions on a maths paper to being able to read a story in order to answers the questions about it. Reading is even supposed to make people happier!

Children who struggle to keep up with their peers will often be found reading books during quiet reading sessions that are far too difficult for them (and from which they derive no benefit). As a result,  problems with reading can become a vicious circle.

I recently started working with children on a brilliant programme which helps children to become better readers. It is called “Toe-by-Toe” and has been developed over a period of 25 years (with rigorous testing to see what works and what doesn’t) for children (and adults) who struggle to read. It is especially useful for dyslexia sufferers, but works for anyone who just wants to improve their reading.The programme is administered in the form of a workbook and can be tutored by anyone who can read eg parents/teachers/a friend. It does need commitment, though, 20-30 minutes a day for around 6 months to a year, but the results are truly phenomenal in most cases.41XFA9YHEDL__SL500_AA300_

I have trialled this with  several children in the last few months, all of whom are making great progress- one has increased his reading age in just 9 weeks by 6 months. Not only that, but his confidence has gone up in leaps and bounds. His class teacher says he is generally more confident, even in maths. The “I really can do it” feeling that this gives children who may have struggled for years, can make a huge difference to their self esteem.

“Toe-by-Toe is definitely not a programme to be dipped in and out of. It needs firm daily commitment and you need to follow the teaching instructions on each page carefully. But if you would like to help your child with reading and are prepared to spend 20 minutes a day doing so, you should see some excellent results. Follow this link to buy  Toe by Toe and to read reviews by people who have used it. Amazon has no fewer than 90 reviews at an average of 5*s!

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