Books to buy your 9-11 year old for Christmas

Books for 9-11 year olds

More and more of the 9-11 year olds that I teach are telling me how amazing the David Walliams books are. Even reluctant readers are reading them (through choice, not because anyone said they had to!). If you have a son or daughter who doesn’t really like reading, try reading one of these brilliant books to them and they’ll soon be hooked! Of course, they won’t choose to read it unless their reading is good enough to manage it easily, so check out whether they can manage the text without help, by having a “Look Inside” Gangsta Granny.

Books for 9-11 year olds     There are 5 books in total including “Billionaire Boy”, “The Boy in the Dress”, “Mr Stink” and the latest, “Ratburger”. David Walliams is being described as the “next Roald Dahl”, so don’t let your children miss out on this amazing new author. All the books are at Amethyst Reading Level.

Buy “Ratburger” now.

Buy “Gangsta Granny” now.

Buy”Mr Stink” now.

Buy “The Boy in the Dress” now.

Buy “Billionaire Boy” now.


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