Best books to buy 7 and 8 year old reluctant readers for Christmas

If you have a reluctant reader in your family. you’re probably best to buy them books that are easy enough for them to read on their own, but that still have a great story. One of the biggest reasons for children not choosing to pick up a book through choice is that the book is too difficult for them, so when choosing books for them to enjoy over the Christmas holidays (without necessarily needing your help) it is best to choose books that are several stages easier than they are actually able to read. In this way I have managed to turn many reluctant readers into keen readers.

Here are one or two ideas for Christmas.If your child is comfortable reading at Diamond reading level try the Usborne first reading book(between levels 2 and 4). Androcles and the Lion is a great choice and the girls seem to love The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse, but there are plenty of others to choose from.If you would like to see how difficult the text is to read, click on the link for Androcles and the Lion and then “Look Inside” the book.

At Emerald level  Ricky Ricotta’s Magic Robot series is much loved by boys of 7 and above.

If your child is reading at Ruby level, you can’t go far wrong with Horrid Henry, although if they are happily reading on their own at Ruby level I don’t think you have anything to worry about in terms of them being a reluctant reader. I always like children to be reading at Ruby level by the end of Year 3 if at all possible. If they are, there is a good chance they will become keen readers in the future.  Another great series for Ruby readers are the dog and cat stories from Battersea Dogs’ Home . Much loved by little girls these heartwarming stories are just right for Christmas.

Why not buy them some new books for Christmas and enjoy the peace during the holidays?


One Response to “Best books to buy 7 and 8 year old reluctant readers for Christmas”

  1. Donna Farrer Says:

    This is a great post! So often it’s hard to find books for young ones that just don’t have the reading bug…yet. So good to have some suggestions…Another one we picked up recently that we’ve been reading together as part of family time is “A Mango in the Hand” by Antonio Sacre. It’s told in proverbs so it’s been great for starting conversations with my kids about what they’ve learned. You can find it at, if anyone else checks it out I’d love to hear what kinds of responses you get from your kids.

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