Getting your struggling 8 year old reader to read for pleasure

How do you get your young struggling reader (aged 7-8) to read for pleasure? We know that the more children read for pleasure, the more quickly their reading skills will improve.

What we have found is that guiding children towards easier books that are not a struggle means they can devote all their time to just enjoying the story.These aren’t the reading scheme books, they’re just story books or factual books completely separate to the reading scheme.  Parents can really help with this, working on easier books with their children at home, so that they are not seen reading books that are too much easier than those their peers are reading, in order to preserve their self esteem. We are already seeing the benefits in one school where we are trying this. After just 3 weeks,these children are starting to enjoy books for pleasure.We asked one 8 year old on the programme “So, are you quite enjoying that book, then?” “No,” he said “I’m not quite enjoying it, I’m really enjoying it”.If we can engage all our readers with books for pleasure, we will be helping them enormously.

These books for 7-8 year old struggling readers   are published by Usborne and can be found by clicking on the link.



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