Is Enid Blyton as popular today as she’s always been?

In our family, Enid Blyton played a big role in encouraging our love of reading. My Mum would buy us books like the Faraway Tree and The Secret Seven and many a cosy afternoon would be spent by the fire reading these books.

However, the value of Enid Blyton’s books hasn’t always been recognised. At one time, libraries removed her works from the shelves, doubting their “literary value” and later this happened in some schools as well.Now, however, it seems that we have seen the error of our ways and these books which are so popular with the children have been duly returned to our school and libray shelves.

How could you argue with stories as magical as “The Faraway Tree”? If you don’t know what a Pop Cake is ….or a Toffee Shock, do buy these books for your children. I remember my four year old son begging for “just one more chapter please” as he travelled with the children in the story to the “Land of Do-As-You-Please” and the delicious ” Land of Treats”. We had a vote in a children’s book club I ran a few years ago, and the book that won Best Book of all time as voted by the 8 year olds  was Blyton’s “Wishing Chair” books, a series quite similar to the Faraway Tree stories.

Then, of course you have the school stories – The Naughtiest Girl in the School  (great books for8 year olds) Malory Towers (from 9 or 10 years old) etc and then not forgetting The Secret Seven, Famous Five and the less well known, but possibly even more brilliant books,  “The Sea of Adventure“, “The Island of Adventure” etc (for a slightly older reader than the Famous Five), probably age 10+.

Enid Blyton actually wrote in excess of 1500 books, so there are plenty to keep your children going. Many of her books can be found at Hummingbird Books so why not have a look and lead your child into the magical story world of an author who has been delighting children for generations….. and don’t forget to take a glass of homemade lemonade with you………



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