Football books for a boy who really doesn’t like reading

Getting boys to be interested in reading can sometimes be hard work, but if it’s on a subject they really enjoy, it’s obviously going to be easier. Tom Palmer, who is now the  author of many children’s books says it was reading about football that changed his life. Tom says

“I wasn’t keen on reading when I was young. My mum was worried about me because I didn’t do very well at school. She encouraged me to read about football in newspapers, magazines and books. Gradually I came to love books”. Later Tom went on to do his A levels at the age of 21 and take a European literature degree at the age of 24. He is the author of two main book series about football. The first is the “Football Academy” series for children aged 7-11. These are fairly easy to read- reading level Amethyst and feature some brilliant footballl stories. The other series are for slightly older children aged 10+ are in our Amber reading level., and combine a thrilling mix of football and crime.

For a child who is not very keen on reading, choose “easy to read” books first, such as Tom’s Football Academy books. Once they get going with these, or maybe the David Beckham Academy books, try them with Dan Freedman’s Jamie Johnson series.For more, easy to read, exciting books for reluctant readers, have a look  at our “Reluctant Readers” page at Hummingbird Books.


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One Response to “Football books for a boy who really doesn’t like reading”

  1. Tom Palmer Says:

    Thank you for those lovely comments about my books. I’m glad they work well for you.

    Your summary of how I got into reading is spot on. It is good for authors like me and Dan Freedman to know that our books help. I know he would say just the same. He talks about how he became an author to satisfy his nephew’s need for books that weren’t there.

    After me and Dan, I think Mal Peet’s books are a further step. Do you agree? I love KEEPER. My favourite book along side Dostoevsky.

    Thanks again.

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