Some great new ideas for children’s books

As regular followers will know, I’m always looking for new ideas for Hummingbird Books, but since it takes some time to go from suggestion to fully tested by the children who test read for the site, I thought you might like to hear about one or two of the latest series vying for a place on our site. They certainly have good reviews.

The first is an old series about a boy called Jeremy James. I particularly liked this review on Amazon:

Review for Triple Trouble with Jeremy James. *****

I stumbled across a jeremy james book almost 20 yrs ago; I found myself laughing out loud, bought it,took it into the classroom and within half a page, reduced the kids to helpless laughter.
Since then i have read almost the total collection of his adventures to kids ranging from reception to the sophisticates of the 6th year. Always the same result…utter enjoyment! You could say that these stories are the “just William” tales of the 21st century. Each chapter a beautifully crafted individual tale that provides a perfect end of the day moment.
There really isn’t enough “good” humorous writing out there for kids to read these days, but JJ really fills the bill…and if you are a teacher like me…these stories are just an absolute JOY to read out loud …get yourself a set…you’ll never regret it.

This week, some of the 7 and 8 year olds in Class 3 have been telling me how much they are enjoying the “Charlie” books by Hilary McKay. Titles include
Charlie and the Cat-flap
Charlie and the Cheese and Onion Crisps
Charlie and the Rocket Boy

As so often with books for the 6+ age range, the children are grateful for the large font and the many pictures in these books.

If you’re looking for something more suited to an avid reader at the top of this age group, try the dragonology chronicles books, by Dugald A.Steer;The Dragon’s Eyeand The Dragon Diary are likely to be popular with all young dragon fans.


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