Help to find books that your child will really like

Finding books that their child will really like is a challenge for any parent. I have, on many occasions, stood in a bookshop or library wondering which are the really good ones. But it doesn’t have to be such a hit and miss affair these days thanks to modern technology and the web.

If I am looking for a book for my son to read, I usually go into a bookshop, note down possible titles and then go and look up the reviews, before putting the ones with high star ratings to my son for his approval. Obviously it takes a bit more work than just taking a chance on a book, but it certainly cuts out alot of frustration for my son and cuts down on the cost for me ensuring that I don’t purchase lots of mediocre books.

However, if you haven’t got much time, our site Hummingbird Books, cuts out a lot of this preliminary leg work , as we list only books that have been given good star ratings by our test readers. So, if you’re interested in only finding the very best books for children, click on the link and see what your children think!


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