Summer Holidays are on the way

Ok, so you’re either breathing a huge sigh of relief that the children are nearly on holiday, or you’re thinking how are we going to fill 6 weeks or more?

Although the weather will hopefully be good and you won’t be in that much, it might be a good idea to have a stock of books for those “gaps before tea” or for winding down time before bed. If the weather is not so great, then a few really good reads can certainly help. I am dedicating my Thursday blog to 9-12 year olds. If you’d like some ideas for your 6-8s, then keep your eyes peeled next Monday July 12th.

My first suggestion is The Ranger’s Apprentice series. Not as commonly found in schools, as the Percy Jackson books, but according to the children, just as good.

If your children enjoyed Percy Jackson, they must try Terry Deary’s  The Fire Thief series, also based on Greek Mythology.

On our website, Hummingbird Books, we try to always list the correct order that books in a series are written, but there is a very helpful website that lists all the main series, which I keep in my favourites. Children at school are always asking” Which is the second book in the……. series?” You can find that website here.

A very powerful book from Julia Golding , Ringmaster,  is probably better suited to the older end of this age range.It has a central character who is a girl, which makes a for a change for a spy book,buit it is enjoyed equally by boys and girls. My son loved this book when he was 11.For the younger end, The Talent Thief is always amazingly popular, although its sequel, is not as popular with the children I talk to.

And finally, a heart warming book that a Year 5 girl first pointed out to me by Elizabeth Laird is Red Sky in The Morning, about a 12 year old girl coming to terms with the birth of her disabled brother.

You can find all these books at our website here. We finance our site and blog through being an Amazon affiliate, so if you wish to buy any books, you’ll have the advantage of their great prices and rarely any postage.Enjoy a peaceful holiday!


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