Popular books for 6-8 year olds


Last week, we asked the frequently-asked question, “Is there life after Horrid Henry?”  Children seem to love HH so much, that he becomes a sort of comfort blanket and they find it very hard to move on to something else. The same seems to apply to Daisy Meadows’s Rainbow Magic books, but with a bit of patience it really is possible to move on.

Class 3 (a mixed age class with children from the age of 6-9) with whom I regularly work, have one 7 year old girl who was pretty much addicted to the Rainbow Magic books and just didn’t  want to move on to anything else. But now we have discovered the Secret Mermaid series – they look very similar, with a fairly large font, lots of illustrations and not too long a book and she seems very happy to read them.

Having discovered a new series that she is comfortable with, I don’t think it will be a problem now, to move onto other series. It was almost as if she felt, and others like her felt, that they wouldn’t be able to manage anything other than the Rainbow Magic books. It does appear that taking things very slowly at this critical point in their reading is the most important thing. Other possible series at this stage include the Stardust books eg “Magic by Moonlight” and  “My Secret Unicorn” books.

For more book ideas at Hummingbird Books click here.


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