It doesn’t matter what they read as long as they read something

Lots of the parents I talk to, seem to be keen to get their children to read particular books which they believe are best for getting their child reading.

These might be books that the parent remembers from their childhood such as the “Famous Five” series by Enid Blyton or perhaps Arthur Ransome’s “Swallows and Amazons”. However they probably need to be given more or less anything (with words in) that will capture their imagination. If we are trying to encourage our children to have a love of reading, we probably need to concentrate on books they will love, rather than ones we feel are good for them. Hopefully within a short space of time, their reading will take off of its own accord.

Here are a few ideas for launching your child into the world of books and reading:

  •  books on a favourite subject such as football. They will learn lots of words from reading a football annual, and indeed may well be able to guess words they haven’t previously come across such as “manager”  and “league”
  • comic type books such as “Asterix”
  • books written in graphic novel format such as Anthony Horowitz’s ” Stormbreaker”. Here, the pictures really help to guide the reader through the story
  • funny books , like “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid”.

For children whose reluctance to read has meant that books for their reading age seem to be  too babyish, try Barrington Stoke books . They have  a fantastic range of books that are easy to read, but have storylines suited to older children. For instance, many of their books have great adventure stories suited to 11 year olds that have a reading age of just 6 years.See these books here. They are also great for dyslexic children.

Whether or not your child is a ” reluctant reader” or a “soon-to-be avid reader”, start them off gently, with something they will love and they will hopefully then develop that lifelong reading habit. At our website you will find the best books for children – all have been recommended by children themselves.


2 Responses to “It doesn’t matter what they read as long as they read something”

  1. pragmaticmom Says:

    Non fiction is great too. All kids seem to love Guiness Book of World Records and other books of that ilk.

    Pragmatic Mom
    Type A Parenting fot he Modern World
    I blog on children’s lit, education and parenting.

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