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Children still loving favourite books published 30 years ago

May 16, 2009

One of the  test readers for my children’s book site emailed me this morning to say how much she was enjoying the Nancy Drew mysteries written by Carolyn Keene. This test reader is a girl aged 11. I had heard a number of children say this recently, which goes to show that a good story really can survive the test of time.

I currently list many of the Enid Blyton books on my site, as well. Children never seem to tire of the Magic Faraway Tree and adventure books such as The Mountain of Adventure and The Circus of Adventure.

What I do find with some of the classics, though, such as Noel Streatfeild’s White Boots is that although some children have the tenacity to wade through vast amounts of description,  many modern children cannot be bothered. They want the action “now”. I can only presume this is to do with our faster pace of life, computer games etc. Everything happens for our children alot more quickly than it once did.

Interestingly,alot of reviews on the internet  for “children’s classics”  seem to be from adults, remembering how wonderful a book was from their youth.Perhaps a bit misleading for today’s children looking for 5-star rated books to read.In a small way, we try to deal with this issue at Hummingbird Books by only listing books that children have said are “brilliant”, “amazing” or “5-star”.

In this way, we aim to encourage a love of reading.